About Us


Community Wise is a voluntary organisation run for the benefit of all residents in the surrounding area. Our vision is to encourage vibrant community life for all through Christian faith in action.

We aim to witness to the truth of God’s love for ALL through Jesus

We aim to serve the community and promote community spirit.

We value individuals, and aim to identify and respond to their needs.

We provide community facilities at low cost, and actively encourage the development of new groups. We envision and support our staff and volunteers, and we work in partnership with other agencies.

Community Wise is a social and connected community that sees the value in individuals. We are an inter-generational community that is musical and artistic, one that promotes activity, mind-and-body health, learning and friendship. This is also the place for active and involved church life and Our community shop, Wise Buys, lives up to its name.

Community Wise is an asset for the community and the place for people to give to the community, by getting involved. Come along and join in. Be Community at Community Wise.