About us

Community Wise, a community centre, is a focal point for the local community and a provider of community services.

Our aims are to

  • Serve the community
  • Encourage the family
  • Value individuals
  • Promote community spirit - bring community cohesion, strengthen resilience and meet local needs

We do this by

  • Providing community facilities at low cost
  • actively encouraging the development of community groups
  • enabling the formation of new groups as and when needs have been identified and opportunities arise
  • envisioning and supporting staff and volunteers
  • working in partnership with other agencies

Community Wise

 A partnership with Living Stones Community Church supports Community Wise.  The Church is a separate charitable trust but has very similar aims.  The Church has an office in the building and lets rooms for its meetings and events. Living Stones Community Church and the other church congregation that meets at Community Wise, Mosaic Church, jointly provide the chaplaincy at Community Wise.  

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint has lead to us installing 42 solar panels on the roof, meaning that we not only generate electricity to run the building but that we are selling clean energy back to the National Grid.

We are committed to recycling. 

We are also a fairtrade building. We use fairtrade items whenever possible.

Community Wise plays an important role in the life of our local community; maintaining and improving the economic viability and sense of the community in the Motcombe district.


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