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Short Courses

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Youth Activities

Community Wise provides the following for young people:

Wise Up - for teenage girls in Year 8 plus (in partnership with Eastbourne and Wealden YMCA).

Live Wires for all young people aged 9 plus (in partnership with Living Stones Church)

Epilepsy Youth Sussex for children and young people aged 7 to 19 suffering from Epilepsy - held on 2nd Saturday of each month from 10.30 to 12.30 pm


Principles of Community Wise youth work

  1. It is voluntarily engaged in by young people
  2. It is led by adults whose lives model the qualities we seek to develop and encourage
  3. It values excellence
  4. It is holistic
  5. It is relational rather than programme orientated
  6. All young people are valued equally

Aim of Community Wise youth work

To enable and encourage young people to value themselves as an important and integral part of the whole community, with a significant part to play in promoting the good of others.

Objectives of Community Wise youth work

  1. To provide opportunities within which relationships can be developed and in which young people can be secure and valued and where the principles can be worked out and the aims fulfilled through a range of activities
  2. To provide opportunities which will enhance the character development of young people

in particular to

  • To encourage the development of the quality of other-centredness
  • To encourage the development of an appreciation of interdependence
  • To encourage the development of respect for all others, whether in authority, in the peer group, or in the community · To encourage the development of maturity which includes character qualities such as perseverance, reliability, resourcefulness, appreciativeness, confidence and wisdom
  • To encourage honesty and integrity


Wise Up aims to help young teenage girls to grow in confidence and to live healthy and fulfilled lives, both in the present and in the future

WiseUp has its own website: www.wiseup.info

What is Wise Up?

  • Wise Up is for teenage girls in Year 8 and above
  • It offers a continuous programme of discussion and activity relating to teenage health issues in a fun environment and tackles topics such as friendship, confidence, image, peer pressure, food, boys and smoking, alcohol and drugs
  • It meets once a week in any relaxed setting - school, youth club or church hall
  • Wise Up is overseen by a steering group of professionals
  • Weekly groups are led by a youth worker assisted and supported by selected volunteers who act as friends and role models as well as educators
  • Wise Up provides a place for girls to make friends, ask questions and gain confidence in themselves
  • It promotes the value of living a healthy lifestyle in a contemporary way
  • It helps young teenage girls to understand the pressures they face
  • It helps to prepare young teenage girls to make wise decisions as they grow older
  • It encourages young teenage girls to respect their femininity and value their virginity
  • An interactive syllabus is being developed and policies and procedures have been prepared to maintain quality

WiseUp has its own website: www.wiseup.info  

Live Wires

This long established youth club is run by Living Stones church for children in school years 4-7. Approximately 35 children turn up on Friday evenings to have fun together. Just arrive and join in!



The Families for Autism Youth club meet at Commmunity Wise on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 10am-2pm. For information please phone 07415137887



Meet at Community Wise on Thursdays 6-9pm