Our Building Improvements

A huge thank you too to SUSSEX COMMUNITY FOUNDATION who has recently awarded Community Wise a fantastic £4000 towards our refurbishment project 'out the back'.  Thank you to the Barnabas Fund for their recent award and the Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation for their donation. Thank you to all our individual donors and to our neighbours, Tennants Property who made a generous contribution. 

Since 2006 our freehold premises have undergone complete refurbishment, renewal and upgrading ...we now have wonderful indoor facilities .... but .... 'out the back' there was an enclosed area of ground not visible from the front. It was much as it was when the Community Centre began its life in 1965 as the Eastbourne YWCA (see history page). During 2013 an imaginative scheme was drawn up to bring the back to life. Work to build an extension, a new community room and an all-weather play area for our children and young people's groups began in January 2015. Everyone is to benefit - especially 100 preschool children, the 25 members of Sussex Epilepsy Youth Group, 35 young carers, and 40 local children aged 9 to 14 who attend our Live Wires Youth Club.  THANK to Waitrose, Sussex Police Property Fund, RM Pettitt Recycling and REID BRIGGS INSURANCE BROKERS.  Thank you to The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Henry Smith Charity, All Churches Trust, GEM, The Beatrice Laing Foundation and The Rank Foundation for their awards. 

A huge thank you to LJB and Trevor May our main contractors. Grateful thanks to Gabriel Conolly, local tree surgeon, who has shredded and removed the branches and cuttings overhanging the play area free of charge.  Thank you to the volunteers who cut back the overgrowth.  Thank you to Magnet who have supplied kitchen units at cost price .... Thank you to the volunteers who have fitted kitchen units and decorated the lovely new community room on the back mezzanine which is now in community use .... 

Community Wise